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Alexandria Virginia - Home to Many Historic Sites and Attractions

Mar 16

The City of Alexandria, Virginia is home to many historic sites and attractions. Whether you are looking to explore the many museums or just want to relax and take in the beauty of the city, there is something for everyone. Learn more about Simply Doors and Closets.

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Old Town is the heart of the city and a must visit for anyone visiting. This historic city center is a perfect place to stroll, shop and dine. The neighborhood is filled with cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks that are lined with boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops.

Known as the “Gateway to the Nation’s Capital,” Old Town has been a hub of American history for hundreds of years. Today, it’s a bustling community with a rich heritage that is proudly preserved in its vibrant cultural scene and eclectic mix of historic architecture.

One of the best places to visit in Old Town is Hank’s Oyster Bar, it’s the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a delicious oyster meal with an amazing view. The restaurant is family friendly, and they offer a wide variety of menu options including seafood and a three-course prefix menu for lunch or dinner.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is another must see in Old Town, it’s a national landmark and was dedicated to President George Washington. This nine-story monument stands on Shooter’s Hill and has amazing views of the city below.

There are a lot of things to do in Old Town, you can take in the sights and sounds of the area on a walking tour or you can simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you stroll the cobblestone streets. You can also rent a bike or hop on a boat to experience the beauty of the Potomac River from a different perspective.

Founded in 1749, the town of Alexandria was named in honor of John Alexander who purchased land along the Potomac River from Captain Robert Howson. This land was located near a Tobacco warehouse and it became the first settlement to be established in the city.

This was a popular place for trade and many ships would dock here. In addition, the area was used as a slave market where many salves from Africa would come and work in the large farms that were situated around this area.

As time passed by more people started to settle in the area and they began to build homes and shops on the land that was available. This increased the population of the town and it eventually became a thriving community.

The area was known as West Hunting Creek for a while and many settlers came to this area from Scotland and England. In the late 1700’s, a warehouse was built here and this increased the interest in the area. Scottish and English merchants were the ones who petitioned the Virginia General Assembly to establish a town at this location and in 1749, the town was founded.

The city is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is governed by a Mayor and City Council. The Mayor is elected every four years and takes office on the first Monday in January. He is the ceremonial head of government and presides over all meetings of the City Council. The Vice Mayor takes over in the event of the mayor’s absence or disability.